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About Our School


Find Us

a basic site with a home page; a starting point

Find Us

We are in Brookside, Telford (in England!) Type our postcode TF3 1LG into an internet search engine to find us.

Once you get to Brookside, look for our road (Beaconsfield), go all the way to the end and press the button at the gates to gain access. 



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Address and contacts

Windmill Primary School

Tel:  01952 386360
Fax: 01952 386370


The school car park is for staff and official visitors only. Parents/carers can use the community car park nearby.  Exceptions are made to those who have a disabled badge.
Visitors arriving by car should approach the vehicle gate and press the button for the gates to be opened.  Those requiring pedestrian access should follow the signs to the pedestrian entrance and press the button for access.