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Who's Who at Windmill Primary School

Teaching and Learning Team

Jason Millington (Deputy Headteacher)

Debbie Brown (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Early Years Foundation Stage staff

Rebecca Kennedy (EYFS Manager, Nursery Teacher)

Cheryl Beadle and Tara Boam (Teachers)

Jessica Butcher and Iola Purcell (Nursery Assistants)

Emily Jenks and Tracy Rowntree (Reception Assistants)

Key Stage One staff

Catherine Riekstins (KS1 Manager)

Janis Cameron, Alison Coulson, Sam Range, Rebecca Thomas (Teachers)

Carole Cunnington, Angie Marchant, Caroline Holl, Lisa Hall (Assistants)

Lower Key Stage Two staff

Emma Morris (Assistant Headteacher, LKS2 Manager)

Nicky Morris, Liz Hoofe, Lauren Dambrauskas (Teachers)

Jane Bourn, Surjeet Kaur, Kath Kemp, Kizzie Coles (Assistants)

Upper Key Stage Two staff

Katy O'Hara (UKS2 Manager)

Mathew Cox, Hayley Richards, Claire Martin (Teachers)

Alison Lewis, Claire Summers, Julia Russell, Kerriann McCran, Lois Adams (Assistants)

Inclusion Team

Lisa Pigg (SENDCo and Inclusion Manager)

Kizzie Coles (Child Protection Lead)

Debbie Barnard (Behaviour Lead)

Rebecca Macdonald (Pastoral Lead)

Debbie Round (Intervention Supervisor - Families)

Carl Probert (Intervention Mentor and Sports Coach)

Kerry Beach and Jeanette Jones (Breakfast Club)

Pam Goodman, Debbie Round, Jo Dash, Amanda Lerwill, Kerry Beach, Kerry Poole, Ben Hartshorne, Maxine Cope, Sarah Penn (Intervention Assistants)

Administration Team

Catherine York (Business Manager)

Melanie Dexter (Senior Administrator)

Sharon Barton (Administrator)

Kerry Hoult (Finance Assistant)

Emma Linnett (Receptionist)

Site and ICT Team

Gary Fraser (Site and ICT Manager)

Lynn Thompson (Facilities Assistant)