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About Our School


Windmill Goes Eco

a basic site with a home page; a starting point

Our Eco Credentials

We take great pride in our efforts to be sustainable and in teaching our pupils about renewable energy sources.

 One of our projects was a new Wildlife area which lets pupils learn and enjoy nature within the special area, complete with an outdoor classroom which doubles as a hide. The children have dedicated school time in the Wildlife area, which teaches them subjects from species identification to surviving in the wild! The school has also had a pond installed recently so pupils can go pond dipping and learn more about aquatic life.

One way our school is saving money and the environment is with our wind turbine/solar panel system, which also seemed the perfect symbol to mirror our schools name, Windmill Primary School, this now provides enough power for lighting, CCTV, laptops and the hide’s TV!

Our next project was a Market Garden; an area developed within the school grounds to grow fruit and vegetables. Our Market Garden is not only used by the school, but also by the local community of Brookside. Pupils are given time to learn how to grow their own food, with the fruit and vegetables being used in the school kitchen for dinner.

Our most recent big project was a 10kw photovoltaic solar panel installation. We connected the system to our school supply and any unused power is fed back to the national grid.

We estimate that the income generated will pay for the system in 6 years and then provide an income of £2,500 per annum, for at least another 15 years.”


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Our Eco Awards

 BronzeAward.jpgEco-Schools Silver Award 10 5 13.jpg

What are we doing next?  

    • We are concentrating on reducing the amount of waste we send to Landfill
    • Continue to improve our energy wastage