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About Our School



a basic site with a home page; a starting point


I'm Mark Gibbons and I feel immensely proud to be the Headteacher of Windmill Primary School.
Take a step inside our school grounds and into the school building and you will be instantly struck by the calm, warm, positive atmosphere and the quality of provision.  I think children who become Windmill pupils are really lucky - I wish I had gone to a primary school that had such an excellent teaching team and such wide-ranging opportunities!
I hope you find the things you are looking for on our school website:
In the 'Our School' section, there is information about the school, the staff team, our policies, timetable, admissions information and our offer for Special Education Needs.
In the 'Developments' section, you can find out about things that we are currently working towards... some projects nearing completion and some just starting.  Elements of our School Development Plan are also here.
In the 'Classes' section, there are links to all the class pages, including links that may be useful for children learning at home.  Some classes put the weekly spellings lists here too.
In the 'Curriculum' section (my favourite), there is a huge list of the curricular and extra-curricular experiences that we offer.  There are explanations about Phonics, Outdoor Learning, Clubs, School Council, Eco-School, Football Academy and Breakfast Club.
In the 'Governors' section, you can find out who the school governors are, when they meet, what they discuss/decide and find links to useful websites.
In the 'Parents/Carers' section, you may be overwhelmed with all the information (homework, letters, clubs, holidays, dinners, uniform, school trips, emergencies and bad weather, plus useful links), but you should hopefully find what you're looking for!
Finally, in the 'Accountability' section, you'll find information about the way we spend aspects of our budget (Pupil Premium, School Fund and Fundraising) and details of our attainment and progress measures.