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a basic site with a home page; a starting point


It is important that we demonstrate our effectiveness, which we hope we do on a daily basis.  If ever parents/carers have questions or concerns about the provision for pupils at Windmill Primary School, we hope we can answer those promptly.

This section of our website shows that we use our resources wisely and effectively.  It also shows the results of our efforts.

Attainment/Progress Targets and Results

You may use the Compare Schools website, which provides a snapshot of school performance at Key Stages 1 and 2. Follow the link below.

Compare School and College Performance


As a new academy, we have not yet had an Ofsted inspection.

Pupil Premium

Every child who has been eligible for Free School Meals at any point in the last six years is given £1,320 of specific funding to ensure that they achieve the best possible progress and attainment. This also applies to children that have been in care for over six months.

Please visit our Pupil Premium page to see how we have been using this additional money.

Sport Premium

e choe choose to spend Sport Premium funding on improving the quality of PE teaching and by ensuring that the children who will benefit most from accessing after school sports clubs are given priority.  We paid for sports coaches to work alongside teachers and to run after school clubs.  For more information, please see our Sport Premium Plan.

School Fund

We use our School Fund account to pay in money that has been given to school, sometimes for specific reasons.  On a regular basis, this includes parents' contributions to school events.  We are required to publish our School Fund accounts annually.  The link on the left-hand menu is to previous annual accounts that have been published.

Other Fundraising

We are conscious that parents and carers are often asked to contribute to charitable causes.  We do believe it is important for our school to be involved with local, national and international fundraising.  It helps children to have a good awareness of need and how communities can supoort themselves and each other.