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a basic site with a home page; a starting point


Windmill Primary School is committed to being a sustainable school and encourages both Staff and Pupils to adopt a greener approach. We are enrolled in the Eco-Schools program and have achieved Bronze and Silver awards. We are firmly committed to achieving Green Flag status as soon as we can. We do this with the help of our Eco team, a body of pupils and adults connected with the school.

This year we have installed a wind turbine to provide power for our Wildlife area classroom and we have installed Solar panels which will be connected to the school to provide cheaper utility bills and we may even sell our excess back to the National Grid.

We have also developed an outside area into a market garden where we can grow our own fruit and vegetables, we recently harvested some and our school kitchen used them in our school dinners. 

We are committed to recycling as much as we possibly can, and will be increasing our recycling points around the school.


Eco Team


In recent years, we have visited DENSO. We made a photo map of the DENSO Eco-garden. We built a bug hotel with giant tubes donated by DENSO. Martin from DENSO came to school to visit our Wildlife area. The Eco Team planted trees at DENSO. Along with the Shropshire Wildlife Trust we planted a hedge of small trees including English Elm which will attract butterflies,insects and hedgehogs.