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Celebrating Success

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Celebrating Success

 Local Councillors Visit 

Councillor England and Councillor Loveridge kindly funded an opportunity for our school to have its own zoo and here they are getting up close and personal with some of the inhabitants. In conjunction with Scott at Exotic Zoo, our zoo is an integral part of our pupils exposure to experiences not usually found in the middle of Brookside. The children care for the animals and take the opportunity to learn about different species. We would like to thanks Councillors England and Loveridge for thinking of Windmill and providing us with this fantastic opportunity.

DSC_0175 (Medium).JPG 
 Plus a mention in the Shropshire Star
daisy zoo.jpg


Very Proud...

We like to monitor the pupils who have passed through our school and recognise the times when they make us very proud during their life's journey. Cheyenne Darko, who was a pupil from 2006 - 2010, addressed the UK Youth
Parliament on Friday the 11th of November. Although this is Cheyenne's success story, we like to think Windmill
played a small part in making Cheyenne into the intelligent, well rounded and morally aware young lady she has become.

If you would like to watch and listen to her speech please follow the link

And talking of Star awards.....


Congratulation to Kristers, Alvin and Lucy who earned their blue maths star to go with their orange ambassador star. Well done to the three of you, we are extremely proud of you.



blue star winners.jpg 

Pupil Award star badges

award star badge.jpg 

We love to celebrate our pupils achievements but why should we get the credit? We want our pupils who are doing all that we ask of them (and more) to be proud of their achievements and to show Staff, Pupils, Visitors and Families what an asset they are to Windmill Primary School. So we designed an award badge where stars can be earned in a number of categories. These are shown below.


Being a school ambassador (orange star) - Representing the school in a positive way


Number facts (Blue star) - Achieve all times table and number bonds for their year group


Presention (Green star) - in all work for the whole term in books and computers


Attendance (Red star) - 100% for the whole term


Star of the term (Yellow star) - Voted for by class members


Stars are presented in our Star of the week assembly on a Friday and are attached to the Star badge which can be pinned to their school jumper and proudly shown off in school.


We produced all the badges within school on our 3D printer and make a big fuss when the stars are presented.


Prayer and reflection week with Zoe 


Once again, Zoe Gregg came into school to interact with our pupils for a week of reflection and expression. Please click on the link for the photographs.

Achievement Boards
At the end of every academic year we present a special award in each of the following categories;
Creative Arts  
Student Council Chair Person  
The selected pupils have given that little bit extra throughout the year and have either attained fantastic results or shown determination to succeed in that particular area. These pupils have taken our school motto of aspiration, achievement and enjoyment and coupled it with their own drive and determination to achieve great results. 

We like to share the pupils achievements by permanantly displaying their names on our achievments boards based in our main reception.


award 1.jpg



Prayer Space and Reflection Week

Zoe Gregg spent a week at our school, and provided the opportunity for our pupils to refelect and have some peaceful time in our sensory room.

Everyday the room was very popular and we believe it gave our pupils another view on our world and also time to express their feelings about it.The pupils were encouraged to talk about any worries they may have or just use the time as a peaceful reflection time.

Thank you to Zoe for all her efforts and her time too.
Please click on the link to see Zoe's presentation about the week in photographic form. 


Creative Arts Week  

Creative Arts Week was a huge success again.  Pupils had the opportunity to learn and create pieces of work in a challenging, rewarding and most of all fun way! A selection of the artwork produced has been on display in the central Shopping Centre in Telford. We hope that you had the chance to either see your child’s work on display in school in The Gallery or at the Shopping Centre.

Lots of activities and workshops took place during the week. We welcomed Wenlock Pottery in to school for a pottery demonstration and Oliver C Jones for a portrait workshop. The Nursery children created themed Winter Week Frosty Trees and pictures. Class 1 looked at the work of Henri Rousseau and created jungle themed art work. Class 3 looked at the work of Piet Mondrian, who uses black lines and primary colours Red, Blue and Yellow. Class 11 used Maths in their art work, they enlarged chocolate bars by a certain ratio to produce larger scale sized bars.

Thank you to Mrs Boam for co-ordinating a successful week.
Thank you to Oliver C Jones and Wenlock Pottery for all their help.
oliver jones.jpg 

Telford & Wrekin Fairtrade Recipe Competition

Good news, we won!

The Windmill Cooking Club were proud to receive their rewards presented by the Mayor, Councillor Leon Murray for being the overall winners of the Primary School Category of the Telford & Wrekin Fairtrade Recipe Competition. The group won with their taste bud tantalising Gingerbread Friends recipe. All the recipes will be showcased in a Fairtrade recipe cookbook and all the participants will be individually recognised in the book.
Telford & Wrekin said “we were very pleased with all the wonderful recipe ideas that pupils put forward, clearly showing their understanding of the subject and demonstrating their creativeness”. 
 Please try out the recipe at home:
 Gingerbread Friends Recipe.jpg