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What's in the pipeline

a basic site with a home page; a starting point


Additional learning spaces

We have started to run out of space!

You may have noticed two new structures by the hexagon shelter. The smaller one is an additional learning space where small groups can work in a quieter environment, predomimently for use by UKS2 pupils.

The larger one is used for groups of children who need additional help working in a classroom environment.

Both are heated and insulated and have given us a little more room to provide dedicated, targeted learning.

UKS2 portacabin.jpgIntervention portacabin.jpg 

UKS2 plant beds

We used to have log roll enclosing our plant beds in the UKS2 outside area but these were becoming rotten and dangerous so we have opted to replace them with sleepers. We think they look fantastic and will last a very long time.

uks2 wall.jpg

Bicycle and scooter shelter

Due to EYFS having a new canopy installed, we have had the old ones adapted so we can use them as bicycle/scooter shelters. No more wet seats!

new canopy nursery.jpg

EYFS canopy and improved play areas

new canopy nursery 2.jpg
In the summer EYFS had a massive new canopy installed. This will allow children to play and learn when the weather is a little damp. It will also protect our valuable play equipment. At the same time, we reassessed the fencelines and have added and removed some to make more room and to keep children safe.

New Play equipment

Learning comes in many forms here at Windmill, and we firmly believe that play is an important of that. With this in mind we have installed a Jungle climber for KS2 which help develop co-ordination and balancing skills. The pupils love it!  The EYFS and KS1 play park has also been refurbished, thanks to an Awards for All grant.




3D Printing at Windmill
As a progressive school we always strive to provide new and engaging ways to educate our pupils so we decided to invest in our own 3D printer to show STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in a new way. Hopefully this will show pupils how new technology is used in the work place and may encourage some of them to follow this career path.

3d printing2.jpg

 Exotic Zoo
Recently, our school was kindly nominated by Councillors England and Loveridge for funding for the Councillors' Pride Fund. This has allowed us to secure the funds to 
install an Exotic Zoo within our school and work has already started on this. The children
are very excited. We have a Corn snake, a pygmy hedgehog, a giant millipede, a bearded dragon, fire bellied toads , giant coackroaches and some fish. The pupils and classes are encouraged to care for them and feed them.
 exotic zoo.PNG
Harnessing technology at Windmill 

We are beginning to use 1:1 pupil tablet devices in KS1 and KS2.  We aim to improve pupils' learning independence and to enhance the quality of teacher-pupil feedback.
children learning computers.jpg 

 Main Office reception area

We see our reception area as a main focal point for our school as often it is the first part that visitors to our school will see, we had noticed that it could benefit from decorating and some new comfortable furniture. We hope you like it.
foyer sofa.JPG foyer chairs.JPG

Dynamic teaching and learning

As part of our three year development plan, we have replaced all of our interactive whiteboards with 50" LED displays. There are three in each classes allowing the teacher to wirelessly connect to the screens with the use of a laptop or tablet device.
Now teaching is not restricted to the 'front of the class', the teacher can interact more with a group or individual, this ensures that no pupil is left behind or struggles in silence.
 Class tv cropped.jpg
Target Totems and Flipouts

We want children at Windmill to have a clear and instant understanding of their current attainment levels and how they can make sufficient progress to attain a higher level 

We use the same target statements for 
planning, success criteria, assessing and
target setting so that pupils can map their
progress journey.

Children make progress through to the expected standard for their age and then have opportunities to work at greater depth to master the knowledge, understanding and skills that they have.
We display children’s progress through the attainment levels using ‘Target Totem Poles’ in the classrooms.  Children can easily see where they are on the totems and where they would like to be.  We want them to develop a goal-getting, aspirational mindset.  We want them to enjoy the feeling of achieving something they have been working hard for.
totem cropped.jpg 
Recycling Area
As part of our continued aim to be an Eco School we are going to have a dedicated recycling area, by the plant room at the entrance to the school which should be in place for the start of the Summer Term. From the 1st April 2014 Veolia will become the appointed contractor for the collection of our recycling waste. We will be collecting and recycling mixed plastics, cans, glass, mixed paper and cardboard. We will be using the same colour coded bins as you will be using at home, so that pupils don’t get confused by two different systems. We will be working with the School Council who are also our Eco School Group to ensure everyone understands why it is important to engage with sustainable practices.
Remember our Eco Team motto "it’s cool to be an eco-school"
 3 Rs hands.jpg
Sensory Room

We are committed to making all areas of our school as engaging and exciting as possible and as part of this we are upgrading our sensory room with new equipment such as a new mirror ball, a new projector and improved software graphics and functions. We are also installing padding around the majority of the walls to ensure our pupils are even safer when they are using the facilities. These improvements should be in place just after the Easter break.


sensory room.JPG 



Safer Routes to school in bad weather


We are pretty good at making sure our school site is open and safe in the winter time. That's why we want to extend this to the routes leading to our school. In partnership with Telford & Wrekin Council, we are in the process of agreeing areas that the school can help clear of snow and spread grit if needed. We have acquired some strange looking equipment but we hope we can help families get their children to school in a safe manner.


If any one wants to help clear the pathways in the community, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the relevant person.

 snow plough buggy fr.jpg



Improving facilities 

Windmill is getting 'Greener'. We now have a Solar Panel system installed on the roof of Class 11. The system consists of 40 panels and provides the school with some free electricity.  We can also sell unused energy back to the National Grid.
solar pan.jpeg 


We always aim to keep the interior of our school looking smart, keeping everything
decorated and updated old furniture with new furniture.

We hope that our school provides inspiring learning spaces and we will continue to pursue that.