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Learning at Windmill


Class 7 - Mrs Hoofe

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Class 7-

Teacher  - Mrs Hoofe

Cover Supervisor - Mrs Hall



Parent Information 

P.E. kits needed in school every day. No earring's or plasters to be supplied please.


Maths facts  - This means your child needs to learn all their times tables (e.g. 2 x 5 = 10), number bonds to 10 (e.g. 7+3 = 10), number bonds to 20 (e.g. 15+5=20), number bonds to 50 (e.g. 25+25=50), number bonds to 100 (e.g. 75+25=100). Also work on reading the time. We will test their ability to learn their times tables every Friday and let them know which set they need to learn next.

Times Tables Questions and answers.  x tables posters.docx tables posters.doc


Reading- Every day or at least three times per week. Yellow Learning Diaries to be in every day please. Your child can change their books as often as needed. Please write a comment in their diary if you feel the book is too easy or too hard. Also remember reading can include comics, magazines, newspapers and electronic texts. The more your child reads the more they are exposed to new words which they can use when they are talking and writing in their everyday lives.

Spelling Tests-  Spellings will be handed out on Fridays and tested on the follwoing Friday.



Please click on the links below to access activities, games and support for each of the subject areas. 



times tables


Times Tables Top Marks


column subtraction


Addition using Dienes to help 

Partitioning in different ways


 Espresson Login details


Student login: student26921
Password: windmill 


Top Marks Maths 

Memory Games

 Name that number

Strike It Out

Pelmanism 3D shapes

One Snail Ten Crabs

One Hundred Hungry Ants




 English Websites: 


Top Marks English

Spelling Punctuation and Grammar games

Fronted Adverbials

Sentence Construction Games























 Class 7 Twitter





School Rewards: 




What can you do to be a STAR PUPIL? 



Class Rewards: 

Children will collect Class Dojos for lots of reasons- being on task, helping others, showing kindness or concentration and even randomly! 

The child with the most Dojo points at the end of the week recieves a Good News Certificate which is sent home and a dip in the Treat Box!! 




Big News!