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Parents and Carers


School Trips

public facing information for parents and carers.

School Trips (Visits and Journeys)

We think it is so important to supplement learning that takes place in the classroom and school grounds with visits to places that will enhance learning.

We always listen to parents' and carers' views on the best way to do things and we have tried different ways of seeking financial support for these visits.

Our current preference is for the school budget to pay for any experiences that we want to guarantee for all pupils and to seek contributions from families for any visits and visitors that do not form part of the Deeper and more Diverse experiences guarantee, but will add value to any curriculum area.  See the Curriculum section for more information.

Our guarantee means that every planned trip should go ahead - no frustrating cancellations.

A lot of visits do not require individual permission, because parents will have already have completed the admissions and consents form:

Admissions and Consent form (large print) 2015.pdfAdmissions and Consent form (large print) 2015.pdf